Owning a fast growing business: What they could have told you

I co-own a business. Yes we all know which. While it is rapidly growing, so are my blood pressure and anxiety level. Thank God, white hairs have not shown up. Yet.

When I first decided to get into the business, most people around me cheered. Of course some are sceptical but they didn’t really express the reason why I should not in proper terms. It has been almost 2 years since I started on this crazy journey and during the journey, I wished someone… ANYONE had told me the hard painful facts/truths about being a business owner.

So, for the sake of other new, upcoming, or soon to be business owners, OR if you are PLANNING on starting up, read on before you make any decision:-

  1. Nothing is easy. NOTHING.

NOT even when it comes to choosing a phone number for your business. NOTHING is easy. Every single decision you make will impact not just you but your partners, stakeholders, employees and the future. Chances are nothing is ‘PERFECT’. So never decide on anything fast and without research. Please take your time, think through each and every decision BEFORE embarking on them.

  1. I always find myself doubting myself and the FUTURE

Every day I ask myself – what did I do? Is this right? Should it be done differently? Most times I doubt myself which is sucky for someone with major high confidence. This journey really taught me I am not so great.

  1. Things NEVER seem to go as planned

And if something go as planned, means you are just lucky. It that something well done is not temporary, stick to that formula. At least you are doing something right.

  1. I am anxious and overwhelmed 23 out of 24 hours

I swear even in my sleep I am anxious – will something go wrong? Are the orders sent? Contractors are ok or not? Where are my partners? They ok? My employees? They ok? CRAZY MUCH. There are days my family and friends asked if I am present where I was – the honest answer is NO. Always overthinking.

  1. LONELY as fuck

You can have 10 partners 100s of employees but most times you feel so so so alone. Putting aside the support you have, which I am thankful for, due to points 1 to 3, the journey is crazy lonely. So can you endure the lonely journey? If yes, GO FOR IT!

  1. Family support is KEY

This is not up for debate. YOUR FAMILY is your everything. If they are skeptical and not supportive, the loneliness will reach a new high. I am always working. My husband has to sacrifice so much time with me. So much so that if I have long meets, he will stay with me – God Bless Him. My mum, dad and sisters are always checking on me – u ok? things ok? You need my help? My mum will sometimes cook for me cos she knows I need to work non stop. Without the support, prepare to fall.

  1. Money is also KEY

Building up this fast developing biz, my partners and me pulled together our savings. We are not from rich backgrounds or have parents who has millions. THESE ARE HARD EARNED MONEY! One tip – if you want to do that, be prepared to not see it again at least in the next 5 years. Some people wont even see it again. EVER. So my advise is. USE Money u don’t ‘need’. NOT your emergency savings.

  1. Everyone seems to have ‘GOOD’ Advice

Be warned. Most of these people do not even own a biz. They don’t know nuts. Take these advices with a SPOON of salt.

  1. Partnerships can KILL

Sometimes, in order to move faster and better, you get into external partnerships. NOT ALL partnerships are going to yield good results. I have been cheated, played, betrayed, called names JUST because these weaklings I called sub contractors or partners has ZERO strengths and no faith in the future. Some partnerships are good – stick to it. Some started well but…. Just be prepared. CHOOSE WISELY.

  1. A good TEAM is rare

I am thankful no matter how much we debate, my current team of partners and employees operate like a family. HONESTY is key. Cohesiveness cannot be bought with money. If you cannot trust ANYONE in your team, don’t have them in the team.

  1. You need a MENTOR

Really! And NOT JUST SOME BULLSHIT COACH that took a course to be a coach BUT NEVER had any successful business. You gotta choose a mentor who has been there done that , failed and failed but perservered and SUCCEEDED!

  1. HIGHS and LOWS can drive you mad

The highs of happiness and achievements paired with the lows of problems = siow cha bo syndrome. Be careful.

  1. You cannot PLEASE everyone

AND don’t even try to. Be selfish. Please only those who matters – for the right reason and reasonably.

  1. Sometimes it is crucial to KILL

Word. Kill relationships. Kill friendships. Let go. Cos people can be toxic.

  1. SEEK GOD. Always. ALL WAYS

Before any decision – pray. At every point – pray. 5 times a day for Muslims – pray. Dhuha, Tahajjud and Istikharah for Muslims – pray. DO NOT do anything illegal in the eyes of LAW and GOD. KEEP CLEAN and HE will guide you.

Despite this being hard, I would not have done anything differently. This journey is a hikmah, a blessing from GOD. The biz is thriving, PRAISE TO HIM. Not easy and wont be easier but progressing. I’ve had my fair shares of highs and lows. If you are in any business, you would understand. SHARE this article – may it seek to help a business person in need of some guidance.

Thank you to all my partners for staying in this with / without me me and thank you to my employees who are still pressing on 🙂

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