Penang is like 2nd home to me. Since as young as i can remember, maybe at 5 – 6 years old, as a family we will travel by train from Singapore to Butterworth, Penang to visit and stay for weeks. My dad is from there, hence the yearly trip.

Of course as we get older and busier, those yearly trips dissipated. So last Raya, (almost) the whole family went back to Penang for a wedding and a fast reunion. OH! How nostalgic. But here is one issue, long ago, we all could fit into a kampung home but now, with everyone scattered around at different kampungs, topped with my family’s need to shop and be pampered, we had to decide on where we will be staying.

While my parents decide to stay within Juru, my husband and I crave for adventure in Penang Island itself. The choice of hotel? CANNOT DECIDE! TOO MANY! Its like every 5 mins a new hotel spring up!

I have tried many many hotels in Penang. Like i said, this is 2nd home to me and even without my family, i travel here often. I have been to:-

  1. A haunted hotel – yes can die i swear!
  2. A dirty hotel – i left after 2 hours.
  3. Noisy as ‘F’ (literally) hotel – i shouted at my neighbour
  4. A hypocritical 5 star hotel – i asked for a refund (this was basically a budget motel pretending to be 5 star)

This list can go on but finally, in 2017, i found the ONE HOTEL (5 star) that fits the bill and satisfy me to the core.

Ladies, Gentlemen and those in between, introducing… the new G HOTEL KELAWAI. Do not mix this gem with the sister hotel Hotel G Penang. Kelawai is newer, located slightly behind Hotel G Penang @ Persiaran Maktab.

I reached G Hotel Kelawai in the evening and when my taxi pulled over at the lobby i fell in love with the serenity. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Penang Town, this hotel ‘shouts’ peace and quiet, ironically. Which was something i badly needed, considering the crazy hours i put in for my business @ KassimbabaSg.


G Hotel Kelawai Lobby

IMG20170706202232 (1)

What caught my eye was also these 2 old-school bikes parked at the lobby. Oh! I can ride around town! (which of course i failed to do cos my bones were too lazy).

The checking in was seamless, nice, friendly and while waiting we had some refreshing drinks served. The hotel’s service is very personalized. Before travelling, i called to ask about having telekung/prayer garb. Although i decided to bring my own, when i entered my room, i saw 2 prayer mats nicely folded on my bed. 10 points!!! OH AND YOU KNOW WHAT?? THEIR MINI BAR IS FREEEEEEE!!!! Yes really! Everything in the fridge are FOC! That’s right! Chocs and Sodas… hello!

I shall not say much more… just look at my room.. LOOK!

G Hotel Kelawai Executive RoomPremier Suite - bathroomIMG20170706235147IMG20170706194845

The pride of the hotel has to be the rooftop Gravity Bar – with a very rewarding view and an infinity pool. Though not a big pool, once you get soaked in there, with the view and the cool air, it almost feels like you are transported in another realm (not in a scary way of course). I fell asleep on the pool deck for 1hr 45 mins and woke up to sunset. Awww…

Rooftop Infinity Pool - 2G Hotel Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

For the shopping freak in us (my husband and i), this hotel is purrfect! Our hotel is located at a prominent location just right next to two upscale shopping malls – Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon. You can sprint between the two malls without breaking a sweat, there are lots more of F&B outlets! How’s that? And at night, we stroll for like 12 mins to the renowned Gurney Hawker. Quite a romantic stroll at that!

For the hipster yuppies, just walk around the area – there are many tourist attractions and UNESCO hub around. I didnt do that this time cos well… i literally witnessed Penang grow so its not really my thing to see some spots disappear.

I am returning soon, i hope and to no other than this exact Hotel. I didnt get enough!

Pics: Courtesy of Khairul Famy Kassim and G Hotel Kelawai.

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