It has been months since i last wrote here. Last was 30th Jan 2017.  The only reason for this hiatus was a change in emotions, plans and my thirst for something else. Not new or fresh but just something else.

I was introduced to a very smart man in Dec 2016. His vision, his past journeys and his current pursuits struck me as – this man is a reflection of what i thought i was/wanted to be. Do not get me wrong. I consider myself a successful being. But i cannot deny my ‘success’ so to speak is getting boring and too convenient for me and for many.  Since the realization, whenever i hear a compliment, all i said in my heart was ‘neeeh’ nothing to be proud of. I have been creating and writing for 11 years, outdoing myself each time i embark on a new project, challenging my brain, heart and soul each time i say ‘next’. I got burn out. I got bored and I got bored of MYSELF.

I took on a new challenge – a challenge scary to me and my loved ones. A challenge to dip my feet into a different territory. 2 territories to be exact. I quit writing and creating. No wait. I paused. And i jumped train. I thank my friends who brought me to this current train. Some of them are still in this train with me while others wave as my train move along.

A big change. A scary change but a change that has been quenching my thirst for new lease of life.

No longer a writer and creator for now.

Some loves routine and stagnant livelihood while others like me, are just thirsty for more. Thirsty for the unknown.

Don’t bitch and curse me just because i am not like you. Pray for me as i pray for you.

I will share more as i get the time. Exciting posts coming up – more travel stories and stories of the train journey i am in.

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