I finally step foot in Australia, after a 21 years hiatus. Yes the last time i went Australia was in 1996 with my siblings. We went to Gold Coast. Great times.

Since it is my FIRST time and I am bringing the senior citizens with me, it was NOT an easy trip to plan. I needed to ensure my parents are comfy and places we go are relaxing for them, not too ‘kecoh’. My dad is 81 yrs old (All Praises to Allah) and my mum 63 (All Praises to Allah).

Anyway, Perth has a lot and i mean A LOT of hotels and b&b and even AIRBNB and there are a lot of areas you can choose to stay in. For a first timer – this is TOO MUCH OF A HEADACHE! I want a place central enuf, but NOT smack in town, have a nice view, cool and not yuppy infested too (no pun intended). I also want a good reach of Muslim food, if possible.

Tips when choosing hotels:

  1. The busy shopping areas are within HAY STREET and MURRAY STREET – very busy and happening. If you are a shopper, this is the place to be. Easy to get halal food but can be noisy.
  2. NOT so busy but nostalgic and has a healthy number of shopping area, though FAR from Perth City Centre: VICTORIA PARK. Very cool hipster kind of neighbourhood, also easy to get halal for but hotel wise, not as happening. You can choose to stay in airbnb or b&b.
  3. Quiet nice upscale area, HILL STREET, Opposite Swan River (NICE VIEW). Very relaxing area within the CBD (oh and the CBD is NOT busy. Please… CCK is busier man). Easy access to everywhere in town, as there are free buses to city centres and major shopping areas.

I stayed in Option No. 3 in Pan Pacific Perth, overlooking SWAN RIVER. Very NICE! ANd whats amazing is the hotel management is so nice to allow us early check in (6am) to rest after our flight. Good service is priceless.

PAN PAC – we will be back!

Tips when shopping:-

  1. Fremantle is a little expensive. OH! Fremantle is a MUST visit by the way!! Ok back to Freemantle. Its a little ex but u can really find good bohemian stuff and souvenirs. SHED E at the pier is where u can get the cheapest finds in Fremantle.
  2. Thats us at Fremantle – I went a little off key at the MARKET heheheh

  3. Target Target Target!! DONT MISS THIS!! There are loads of TARGET stores everywhere. PLEASE GO CRAZY!
  4. SALVATOS – the salvation army store. U can find unused skirts for 3bucks! I swear! 15370151_10154309301308720_8965589509636846514_o
  5. WaterTown Premium Brand Shopping: see here: – Located very conveniently in Perth’s city centre, this is where you can find top brands. It is like the mini premium outlet shopping in US. REALLY MINI! You can finish up in 2 hours or less. For someone who has been to Premium Outlet stores in US, this is rather a let down. I am OK with the things here – i bought some good finds but nothing to go crazy about. The OAKLEY stuff are dirt cheap though!
  6. Small vintage stores about HAY ST and MURRAY ST. – There are lots so do check them out
  7. Victoria Park: Also some good finds if you bother to walk about
  8. K MART – My husband brought me to KMART in some far neighbourhood area. We took UBER. IF i am not wrong it is in WEST INALOO. Far but worth a visit. CHEAP STUFF!!

Tips for sightseeing:

  1. Kings PARK. COME ON! u gotta!!
  2. Fremantle – take the ferry!
  3. Train rides please
  4. Victoria Park
  5. Walk along Swan River
  6. CDB Area and its churches and nice govt houses
  7. Zoo and the Wild Life Reserve
  8. MORE from

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Halal food? APLENTY! Here is a list given to me by Pan Pac.







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