Isn’t this majestic?

So there you go. Yes i get questioned about coming to Las Vegas time and again. People do not get it – I don’t drink, I don’t gamble and i clearly do not have girls-related vices (hehehe) so why do i keep coming back?

Take away the ‘sin-city’ aspect of Vegas, there are so many wonderful things about Vegas. ONE favourite itinerary of mine- THE GRAND CANYON. Nothing short of grand. This is my 2nd visit to the grand canyon and no amount of pictures and videos even come close to what the eye captured when i was there.

The thing about trips like this you have to CHOOSE THE BEST and THE MOST RELIABLE one cos i swear to you if you google grand canyon trips you get a zillion hits. BUT not everyone is reliable. A bad trip/agency will really BREAK your heart, your experience, your pocket.

Wherever i travel, i swear by And for famous trips please trust me, you will do better with a more personalized or private packages. WHY?  1. Lesser waiting time 2. Private guide 3. More picture taking time 4. Pte packages comes with more perks!

For my grand canyon trip, Elly and i took the package below:  Click on the link for the highlights:- Read more about Grand Canyon South Rim Deluxe Tour from Las Vegas – Las Vegas | Viator at:

What i love about this package:-

  1. I dont have to wait for so many people – only 12 in my group.
  2. I dont have to change buses – the same van from start to end
  3. I dont have to Q UP for my breakfast and lunch. While the usual package requires one to like queue up to get tickets and snacks or coffee, we dont have to. These are brought to us and I DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR MY FOOD!!
  4. MORE stop time to take pics and explore the canyon.
  5. AMAZING friendly driver and guide
  6. They are sensitive to our Muslim meal requirements. They do not have Muslim meals (yet) so we were given really nice Vegan meals.

Here are some pics to enjoy!

See the Q ? We dont have to Q cos… we go STRAIGHT to the DIamond Lounge and their staff got us whatever we wanted. We ordered coffee, muffin, croissant, chocolates… heheheh

They packed our items in a lunch box and we are ready to go!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We stopped at 3 different areas to enjoy different views of the canyon. It gets better at every stop!


AND… after our IMAX movie, before the first Canyon Stop, out Vegan lunch were all set up for us. NO Q~!


ok SO! i have to run now. More info about Vegas coming up soon, including – how to eat halal in Vegas! STAY TUNED!

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