I have been Singapore Airlines’s fan for years. REALLY I AM! I SWORE TO ONLY TAKE SQ! One of the main reason is that their service is just TIP TOP. Wait, WAS tip top. I took SQ to USA 3 years in a row – 2014, to San Francisco, 2015 to LA and again to LA this year in August (and i returned 11th September).

In 2014, i had a great flight to and from San Frisco – meals are great, service was warm, a couple of crews spoke to me on board as i was stretching at the back. Great. In 2015, there was a boo-boo with regards to my meals but they are able to do service recovery and such. Still, my husband and i were happy with the service, though we had some ‘cant be bothered look’ from 1 crew but nah… we let it go.

THIS YEAR… my oh my… 3rd time NOT a charm for me and my friend who travelled on SQ12 to LA and SQ11 back. On the flight to LA, generally we had an okay service but there were a couple of times i encountered ‘roll-eye’ moments from a couple of crews on the main cabin where we were seated. These ‘roll-eye’ moments came at really ridiculous uncalled for moments like when we asked for warm water or when i asked to mix my juice (like hello, how hard is that?) But we let it go as the other crews were nice to us and one lady crew even chatted with us a bit before we alighted.

BUT on SQ11 back home, nothing was pleasant about the service. NOTHING! We encountered the following:-


I ordered Muslim Meal and as you know, if you have special orders, your order will come first. I was seated in the front, the seat with non disrupted leg room. A cabin crew (lady) came by carrying 2 trays of food:-

Crew: You ordered Muslim meal?

Me: Yeah! Thanks! (and i struggled to take out my table from the side – you know, being in the front seat, your table is ‘hidden’)

Crew: (sighed and stared at me as she shove the tray a little forward, gesturing to me to TAKE THE TRAY, even though i could not get my table out).

Me: (I took the tray with one hand and struggled with the other hand to open my table)

I did not expect her to help me with the table as she was carrying 2 trays BUT what is the harm in just waiting 40seconds for me to open my table? And whats with the upset face? NOT NICE! I didnt get her name.


I finished my meal fast and sent my tray to the service galley, thanking the crew for it. No one in the galley said thank you or welcome for my gesture. Ok. Fine…

I moved to sit beside my friend who was conquering a whole row at the back. Then the crews (2 ladies) came by with service and asked if we wanted tea and both of us said we wanted tea. Now, remember, i didnt have my tray?

Crew: Tea or Coffee?

Me: Tea please for me.

Crew: Where is your teacup?

Me: Oh i sent my tray back just now.

Crew: (looking unhappy and taking a fresh teacup from her service thingy) Next time if you want tea, just hang on to your teacup.

Me: huh?

Crew: ya next time dont return it.

WHAT THE ?????  It is not as if i was rude or she had to like create a fresh new cup… the cups were all there! I did ONE nice gesture by returning my tray and this is what i got?

I didnt get her name!


During another service round, a lady crew (I GOT HER NAME! )

Crew: Tea or Coffee?

My Friend: Can i get warm water please?

Crew: How about green tea? i have it here now.

My Friend: errr … i guess…

Crew: (pour green tea and look at me) You?

Me: I want normal tea

Crew: Then you have to wait (leaves)

About 10 mins later, i was still waiting for my tea so i waved to her

Me: Hi… i am sorry, i am still waiting for my tea

Crew: Ya its coming. Wait.


The tea came much later.


This last incident didnt happen to me but i saw it and my jaw dropped. There was one couple with a baby were seated in the front seat on my left. While preparing for landing (we were about 15-20 mins to landing), the couple were struggling to help their sleeping baby put on the seat belt. The same crew (the one with the tea) came up to them and said – please put your seat back up for landing. The man was busy and did not hear her. She rolled her eyes and straighten the seat for him, startling him. She leaves. WHAT??

I am still very disappointed as i reflect back to the incidents. The crew (the one with the tea) never smiled, never said thank you and there are many moments i caught her rolling her eyes. What an attitude!

Look, i have many friends who are nice cabin crews on SQ and i have seen and encountered many good ones too. Eg: From LA to NARITA, a male crew named JOHN was just delightful – he was nice, warm, caring and sooo sweet! I am not saying ALL ON BOARD were bad but i am saying the service standard has dropped. I mean come on! I got better service from JETSTAR AND TIGERAIR! REALLY!!

I refuse to believe the reason why i got such horrid service was because i was on coach – that is just rude-we are paying passengers too. We on coach are not asking to be treated like God but it costs NOTHING to be nice and warm. I for one, is a very warm person – i smile a lot, i say thanks and please… so what is the issue here?

Based on the experience on my recent flight, I have to say… SQ, i am taking a break from you. I’ve heard from my other friends that other airlines have better service and more smiles. I don’t know when i will see you again… but farewell for now ya?


(image from https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/2f/e2/53/2fe253a3dcd8cd10d34c4810b0b5b2b0.jpg)

6 thoughts on “TAKING A BREAK FROM SQ

  1. What is with SQ crew and eye-rolling like a buncha bitches? Dun worry ive seen a male crew do it too so its not just the ladies. The fact that they do it so openly is really shocking. I hate fake smiles and fake niceness..aint paying for that shit.


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