AND so after almost 1.5 years from my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery, i realized i had come to a HORRIBLY LONG Weight Loss Plateau. I thought my weighing scale had low batt – i changed and it is still the same. I almost performed an exorcism on the blardy scale for not wanting to move a single digit.


I went around asking for advice, researching and I was told this is normal. I was given lots of tips . I tried and tested a few of these tips and finally these are what worked.

Reduce calorie intake : I KNOW RIGHT! I mean hello, i am already eating like KATE MOSS! How little can it get? But then! i was wrong! it was not about the amount but more about the quality of food i have been eating. Thanks to Holidays and Hari Raya and such, i realized hey – i am not eating right so… BACK TO GOOD HIGH PROTEIN, LOW SUGAR, LOW FAT diet!!

Step in UP! : With my health being stable, i went back to Ritual Gym – the BEST and MOST EFFICIENT GYM EVER!! My work out for the past few months before this has been too ‘comfortable’ and not challenging. I need to ‘shock’ my body back to burning these fats!! Don’t get me wrong – i am NOT Paid by Ritual Gym to say this. NO! This is really the gym you gotta try to know what it can do for you. 30 mins – that is ALL you need

BURN FATS! BURN! : I also read the plateau is caused by low metabolic rate and the body not burning enough fats – some internet reads said i should try fat burning supplements but i am damn skeptical lah! I don’t wanna be dependent on pills or drugs – God Forbid. But i was asked to try this Fat Burner by MaliaMelia Singapore – they say there are no drugs in them and mainly made up of bitter orange extract – HSA & AVA approved and has worked on many people. It is said to burn fats and increase metabolic rate. I thought hey ok… maybe i should try that to just kickstart some weight loss to break the weight loss plateau. So ya i got one set and tried. After 8 days, i went down by 2.4kg! OK ONE MORE TIME – I AM NOT A SELLER OR AGENT OF THIS BRAND and this is not MLM. I am merely a consumer.

BUT – since it worked and a few of my friends asked how i broke my plateau, I have managed to … GET A DISCOUNT! for Myself and my friends who wants to try. Visit their website at maliamelliasg.com  to buy the XXS Fat Burner and enter discount code hanidiva05 at check out to get 5% discount. Ok but please – consult them and/or your doctor ok? What i know is pregnant mums and those with heart problems cannot take fat burners so PLEASE do go and do your homework and check with your doctor. Jangan pandai pandai. This is working for me so i am just telling you. GOOD LUCK!! If you need to know more, drop them an email ok?

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