I have always wanted to go Malacca. Since my Uni days, I remember pestering my friends to come with me to Malacca to busk in the heritage. Yeah i was hipster even before hipster was cool ok! I went in 2005 but didn’t do much ‘Heritaging’. It was mostly food and spa then.

11 years on, my husband insisted on bringing me to Malacca but with a twist – let’s stay in a Boutique hotel. SAY WHUUUUUUT. Look, i may look like i am cool like that but i NEVER. i repeat NEVER would wanna try boutique hotels. I did once in 2004 and my oh my – let’s save that (haunting) experience for another post. I am used to proper hotels – with large lobbies, buffet breakfast, high rise floors and the works. Yeah yeah i am a spoilt brat when it comes to hotel stays. But while researching on hotels in Malacca, i chanced upon my niece’s pictures – she was in Malacca months back and she stayed in a very nice, what i thought was a luxury 4/5-star hotel. I was shocked to find out it is NOT a 4/5 star luxury hotel but it was like a 4-star-ish boutique hotel 5 mins walk from Jonker Street.


I checked out the rates and woah! CHEAP! Considering the usual price i am willing to pay for a good hotel, this is considered something lighter on my wallet. BOOK! GO!

I was nervous as i don’t know what to expect. But i am pleasantly surprised.  1825 GALLERY HOTEL.  For this simple 4 storey quaint hotel ,I am giving this gem a luxury resort stamp for the following reasons:-


Even before i stepped into 1825 Gallery Hotel, their service impressed me. I called a week earlier to tell the Manager that i will be staying only one night but on my 2nd day, i will be staying till 9pm. He readily made arrangements to help with my transport to the bus terminal, to let me stay a little longer and charging me a discounted rate on my 2nd day. SCORE lah sey!

Even with very few staff around, they always try to come and help us with our shopping bags. Altogether now.. AWWWW…

Then, the manager came to say hi and gave us free boat ride tickets. PLUS! they allowed me to try act as receptionist (which i failed badly)



SO SO SO BIG! SO SO SO Comfy… they are a heritage hotel so it screams NOSTALGIC! and HISPTER! sooo HIPSTER!


Look at the WARDROBE! I wanna sooo buy it but well, we could not fit this into our bags:-


Our balcony faces the river and has a very nice sunset view. Check these out:-

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The bathroom is ‘BIGGER THAN THE BLUE BANANA!’ (get it? get it?) – really huge!


The location ROCKS AH SEY!! If you want to save on traffic time and transport money AND wanna go super Hispter – COME TO this HOTEL! 3-5 mins walk to Jonker street and on the way to Jonker Street are many many many vintage/hispter/heritage cafes, shops, restaurants and it is about 15 mins walk to Hard Rock Cafe. (depends on yr speed of walking – i took 25mins hehehe).

I got some steal around the area too like… Baju OPAH for RM15!!! and CLOGS too! A tip – Walk out the back door and across the river for those cool finds!

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For such huge room which great location, i expected to pay more. I didnt! Check them out!  1825 Gallery Hotel,


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