I am 37 and I have NEVER been to Bangkok. Yes true story. Shut it.

So when the husband decided to go for a short trip to Bangkok i insisted on staying in a nice hotel, near the good attractions but NOT smack in the middle of craziness.  No offence but when asked to give good recommendations, i get the same few hotel names (i shall not name them) – mostly those directly above famous shopping centres. SPARE me the agony.

I needed something romantic yet convenient, different yet easily located and i want to see Bangkok’s skyline. Of course all of these WITHOUT burning my pockets. And I chanced upon a gem… Ladies and gentlemen, and those in between, MEET… CENTARA GRAND BANGKOK @ CENTRAL WORLD! 

Let me show you the highlight of my stay:




This is what i mean. Most Bangkok hotels’ room are not as romantic and if they are they are exorbitant. Centara Grand is within reasonable pricing. We stayed in the DELUXE WORLD room.

The hotel is right next to Central World Shopping Centre – a high end shopping centre and the day and night market there is very conveniently located and loads of nice food and cheap goods. Compared to MBK (which i find totally a HORRID tourist trap and so pretentious), the market beside Central World is more inviting. OH HALAL FOOD is also available here in this market. Within 5 mins walk from the hotel is PRATUNAM Market, and many many other shopping malls – old and new. FUN! BTS is about 8 mins away.

The hotel is not as overwhelmingly crowded, thank GOD! We were there for 5 days over the weekend and it is not crazy. The room service, the housekeeping and the concierge – 5 star standard! They give the best service, best direction and although the breakfast is not halal certified, they were VERY nice to offer me vegetarian options like Soft Boiled Eggs, French Toast and Cereal which are not cooked in their kitchen but prepared on different platforms in the buffet line.

They have a romantic rooftop bistro called RED SKY – where you can see the whole of Bangkok and its skyline and watch the sun set. It is really a romantic setting.

ENJOY THE PICS. And guys – forget all those ‘conventional’ hotels. Try something new!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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