15th Feb 2015. A month after my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. Now, how much did i lose?

Before surgery: 155.5kg. Now 145.5kg. 10kg down. YEEHAAA.

It is not just the kg that matters to me. How i feel is important too. While before surgery i could not walk and talk at the same time, as i was panting heavily, now, i am able to do that with no problems at all! Some more improvements include:-

1. No more snoring

2. Can go up and down the stairs

3. Able to zumba or brisk walk for 50 mins straight

4. I can jump. No really. Can jump!

5. I can fit into a size 8 shoes (from 10)

6. Generally i feel lighter. (Duh! 10kg lighter)

It feels so good. That aside, there are some things to note. I vomited quite a number of times on my 4th week. I suspect it is the beef i ate – i cannot remember if its Dr Shanker  or one of my Dieticians, Hui Xin who said maybe i needed to chew more. Another suspicion is that maybe I am drinking too fast, before the food get settled in. I do remember Dr Shanker explaining this to me… the stomach is like a washing machine. When food enters, it processes the food (grinds them) – so imagine the washing machine is spinning dry and you pour water – of course it disrupts the process. Hence, i vomit. oooh i see.

It is not an easy process yet. I cannot eat carbs yet and the biggest ‘pain’ now is i am easily weak. There are times i will shiver and be extremely lethargic. Macam Puasa!! (Like as if i was fasting).

Anyway, here are some before and after pics.

BEFORE... Neck: 45 cm Waist: 142cm Hip: 163cm
Neck: 45 cm
Waist: 142cm
Hip: 163cm
AFTER... Neck: 42.5cm Waist: 138.5cm Hip: 157cm
Neck: 42.5cm
Waist: 138.5cm
Hip: 157cm
Left: taken on 14th Jan 2015. Right: 10th Feb 2015
Left: taken on 14th Jan 2015. Right: 10th Feb 2015

Let’s hope i can get my weight down further 🙂

Many people asked me this – should i go to SGH or another hospital. Well, i have only been on this surgery once you know… and that’s in SGH. So… i am sorry, i dont have comparative table to share.

To me, SGH is the best. I LOVE U SGH LIFE CENTRE. (Enuff?)

12 thoughts on “A MONTH AFTER :) YES, I AM SMILING!

      1. Hai sis.. nk tnya.. is dat in cash or medisave? Timking of gng.. makin naik badan.. mcm2 penyakit datang..haizzzz


  1. Alhamdulillah my fren.. i m truly happy for you.. been der.. reading ur update really puts me back memory lane.. don worry.. u will soon get used to all the differences.. cold is now in ur middle name.. hahahahhahaha.. i hav dat ti now.. jus smile as it gives u reason to eat.. huahahahahahahahhaha…


  2. Hi there.. i have done mine 2 months ago on 23 dec 14… Mine was SGH Life centre too but under Dr Alvin… hehe.. Love reading your blog.. lets keep in touch pls so we can share our progress if u willing… hehe


  3. Saya pun buat this Surgery, last Aug 2014,,I lost 24kg , before opps 84kg now 64 kg. Still maintain. Shukur Alhamdullillah. Luv.


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